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Travel Registry is Australia's original do-it-yourself honeymoon and holiday registry. Honeymoon registries are a reasonably new trend in Australia, with many couples already living together before they tie the knot. Traditional bridal registries are somewhat useless for a lot of couples in this situation, because they already have their homes decked out with all the things they need. With this in mind, why not offer your guests the chance to contribute to your honeymoon?

Real Australian people have been using our service since 2006; that’s why you can trust us to help! We offer a Free version and a Premium version of Travel Registry. Find out more.


No! Travel Registry caters for different registry types too - so if you are looking for a creative idea for a birthday, babymoon, Christmas or any other event, why not consider a Travel Registry instead of a boring old gift registry? Whilst we still consider ourselves primarily a honeymoon registry provider, we have built our registry system in such a way that it can be used generically for other events too!


It's so simple. Once you have signed up, we will build you a registry website that you can tell your guests about in your wedding invitations. You will get access to create an itemised, categorised honeymoon registry, in which you can include all aspects of your honeymoon, such as accommodation, flights, dinners, cocktails on the beach - whatever! Guests visit your registry website and they can elect to buy whichever gift(s) they like by paying you directly. They can pay you by cash, cheque, bank transfer or using their credit card via PayPal - these details will be provided to them when they choose which gift(s) to buy. Find out more about how it works. It's like having your very own online wishing well!


We have a completely FREE version of Travel Registry and a Premium version. The premium version costs just $79 AUD. We are not affiliated with any travel agents and unlike other registry services out there - this $79 AUD fee is a one time fee! There are no additional fees! If you choose to allow your guests to pay you using their credit card via PayPal, you will be charged a small fee, but this fee is not charged by us. By default, PayPal payments are disabled unless you want to enable them.


We service customers Australia wide. Our customers have set up online gift registries based in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Darwin, Hobart as well as most regional areas in Australia. So we truly can say that this is an Australia wide service! Our state-of-the-art registry system allows you to include special instructions for overseas guests to make it really easy for them to contribute to your registry.


We understand that you've got enough on your mind with organising your event, that's why we have made this so easy. Just go to our sign up page, enter your details and we will do the rest!